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Y o g a for Singers

Evan has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years. This practice has been a source of strength, fun, exploration, comfort, and healing for her on her journey as a musician and teacher. In the summer of 2017, Evan fulfilled a years-long dream of completing a Yoga Teacher Training with the goal of deepening her own practice and learning the skills needed to share the wonderful world of yoga with others. She traveled across the world to Bali, Indonesia to complete the YogaWorks 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in an intensive, immersive month-long program. During this vinyasa yoga-based training she studied anatomy, asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and yoga philosophy, as well as restorative  yoga and Thai massage. Having returned from this incredible adventure she is excited to bring her deeper understanding of yoga to students!

Yoga is a wonderful tool for building strength and flexibility in the mind, body, and spirit. It is also an extremely effective tool for restoring and renewing tired and stressed-out bodies in need of self-care. Explore the amazing benefits yoga can bring to your life through a private yoga session. Evan is available for private and group yoga sessions that are personally tailored to your specific, individual needs and goals, whether that means a fast-paced vinyasa flow, a relaxing restorative session, or a beautiful mixture of both!  

Evan has presented Yoga and Meditation for Singers workshops and masterclasses at Harvard University, Oakland University, the Boston Conservatory, Texas A & M Kingsville, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Keene State College, the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, the New School of Music, and Greensboro College.

Contact Evan at for more information or to set up a session!

YOGA for Singers Testimonials

"This was a great couple of classes and I am glad that I was able to participate. As a voice major we do much less movement than I am used and I tend to get/ feel stagnant. The poses and moves that we worked on were a great way to get some blood flowing and get reconnected with your body. It is a nice way to unwind after a long day of singing or a great way to start a long day of singing. It feels great to warm up the whole body and get everything in alignment to be most productive during singing or just day to day life." -Rachel, Boston Conservatory Student

“This workshop made me much more aware of muscles I didn’t even know were working while I sing. The yoga portion helped me sense the muscles I commonly hold during singing. “

-Greensboro College student

"I found the class to be pertinent to my journey as a singer, as we included the breath in whatever we did. I loved the last exercise we did- laying on the floor with our legs on the chair. It was very relaxing, and helped me get into my body. I also felt more focused after the class. Thank you for accepting each of us as individuals, and making us feel comfortable with our abilities and bodies." -Hagar, Boston Conservatory Student

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