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  • Evan Leontis

Welcome to Inner Voice: The Intersection of Yoga and Singing!

Dancer pose with Gavi

Welcome to my brand new blog, Inner Voice: the Intersection of Yoga and Singing! This blog will explore topics pertaining to yoga and singing, particularly the ways in which singers can gain knowledge and insight into their bodies, minds, and souls through the study of yoga.

Who am I to write about such things, you may ask? I am a singer and voice teacher, and also a yogi! I have spent spent my life pursing a career as a musician, which is a wonderful, exciting, and oftentimes stressful pursuit! While still in college at the Eastman School of Music I wandered into a yoga class at the local YMCA and was immediately drawn into the magical world of yoga. In the decade that has passed since then yoga has become a huge part of my life, helping me through the ups and downs of my personal journey. It has been a refuge for me, a way to stay grounded during uncertain times of auditions, performances, degrees, and moves. In the summer of 2017 I fulfilled a big dream of mine by traveling to Bali, Indonesia to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Yoga Works. It was a life changing experience in which I learned a great deal about yoga and about myself. Since returning I have been filled with the desire to share what I learned with others, especially other musicians, and thus here I am!

I am also a nature and travel lover (see photo above of me and my dog, Gavi, pausing to do dancer pose on a hike in Colorado), vegetarian, skier, backpacker, and runner. I currently split my time between the Boston area and the mountains of Southern Vermont.

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